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Want to save some money? Sign up for our FREE loyalty card! Then when you spend $250 with us, we’ll give you a $25 gift card for free!

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  1. Maryellen McGrath


    How do obtain a Loyalty card?

  2. debra


    different chefs? liked in the ole days with family style salad and bread basket

  3. Mary Weisse


    We loved you as the Homestead and will certainly frequent the Coach Shop. Lee is the greatest bartender. He is so attentive and makes everyone feel welcome!

  4. coachstop


    To obtain a Loyalty card, simply come into the restaurant and ask for an application. You’ll receive your card at this time. Remember to give it to your server everytime you dine with us because for every $250 you spend, you get a $25 gift card reward!

  5. coachstop


    We still have all the same chefs as before the name change. Our homemade sweet bread and hot dinner rolls still come with every entree. We are now doing individual salads instead of the family style but you can always ask for more!

  6. coachstop


    Thank you for your continued patronage, Mary!

  7. Gerri Washeleski


    I am a frequent guest at your restaurant, mainly at lunchtime. I enjoy your food very much but there is one omission on your menu that I would really like to see and that is VEGETABLES! I would love the choice of a vegetable with my entree.

    I had a delicious Chicken Pesto Panini today. Thanks for the good food and good service

  8. Donna


    I plan on dining here this evening. checked out menu, looks great see you.

  9. My Fiance and I Enjoy the food, atmosphere and drinks everytime we go. I have aLSO ENJOYED the outside patio dinning with girlfriends weather permitting. I would recommend it.

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